The Stages of LANAP

LANAP® gives us the ability to possibly save loose teeth that would have needed to be removed otherwise. The steps of LANAP surgery include:

  • Pockets Are Measured
  • Laser Is Used to Remove Bacteria
  • The Calculus Is Removed
  • Laser Is Used to Create A Clot
  • The Gum Tissue Is Compressed 
  • The Bite is Adjusted

The LANAP® Procedure in Santa Cruz, CA

The LANAP® laser protocol is an innovative method of periodontal disease treatment that is both minimally painful and minimally invasive. By following these six steps of laser gum therapy in Santa Cruz, CA, Dr. Richard Browning can effectively treat this progressive condition:

• Measuring pocket depths
• Eliminating bacteria
• Removing calculus (tartar)
• Stimulating bone regrowth
• Reattaching tissue
• Examining teeth

Measuring Pocket Depths

The first step in LANAP® treatment is to see how severe the attachment loss has become. This is done by inserting a small ruler between the teeth and gums to measure the depths of your periodontal pockets. We can then adjust the level of periodontal disease treatment accordingly.

Eliminating Bacteria

Next, we can begin the periodontal disease treatment. Using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, Dr. Browning will remove bacteria and inflamed tissue without harming teeth, bone, or healthy tissue. In just one session, as much as 90 percent of inflammation can be eliminated.

Removing Calculus

When plaque deposits form below the gum line where a toothbrush and floss cannot reach, they often harden into a substance known as calculus, or tartar. Since the laser itself cannot remove calculus, Dr. Browning will need to use special scaling tools to eradicate these deposits.

Stimulating Bone Regrowth

After the bacteria and inflammation have been removed, the laser is used once again to stimulate regrowth of damaged bone and tissue. The heat from the laser also creates blood clots and helps to stop bleeding and prevent infection, making the LANAP® protocol a preferred periodontal disease treatment.

Tissue Reattachment

Next, Dr. Browning will reattach the gum tissue with a gentle compression technique to the surfaces of the teeth without using sutures.

Examining Teeth

The last and final step of LANAP® periodontal disease treatment is to examine the teeth and jaw to make sure the bite, or the way in which the teeth come together, is normal. This is especially important if significant bone loss has occurred.

The LANAP® protocol provides a safe and effective means of treating moderate to advanced gum disease. To learn more about laser gum therapy in Santa Cruz, CA, contact Dr. Browning and schedule your consultation today!


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